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International GCSE and A Levels Preparation, Examination & Certification in Greater Jakarta Area. Open enrolment for 2024 intake.

Obtain Dual Qualification
Upon Highschool Graduation


* Entrance Test Required

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Welcome to
Calculus Education Center

Calculus was founded in 2011. We have 10 years of experience helping students in both national and international curriculum in non-formal education especially in the area of mathematics, science, and economics. Today, we are working with Pearson Edexcel to establish the first Intercultural curriculum-based homeschool in Indonesia. Our mission is to contribute to formal education by giving students real education support to create a well-prepared educated generation for society.

Our Programs

We are authorized by Pearson Edexcel UK to bring the best intercultural education for all students in Indonesia.

Intercultural Home Schooling for Primary level.

Full Program for International GCSE and A Level certification.

Intensive preparation courses for IELTS, SAT, TOEFL & UTBK.

Mathematics competition preparation (CalHiVers)

Tutorial and preparation for national and int'l student.

Future Tech Leaders

Digital Marketing & Data Science Certification program.

Our Philosophy

Unlimited Learning Experience
Customized Education Program
Balancing Intelectual & Interpersonal Skills
Improve Creativity & Independence
Bring Education as a Lifestyle

Meet The Team

We are proud to have a team of teachers that are passionate about making a difference in students’ lives through tireless dedication to education.

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Fannia Masterika

Physics & Add Math

Adriani Nurjannah 

Math & Science



Tutor Primary Sec, Business iAL - Maria Melissa.jpg
Maria Melissa

Business iAL

Our Location

We understand the importance of providing convenient and accessible learning opportunities to our students. With multiple Centers and Learning Hubs, we ensure that you can access our educational services in various locations.

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